downloadDo more. More and more and more. And when you have done that more, be sure to do even more. Don’t let yourself even for a moment to just chill, to be idle and procrastinate, to be as useless as possible and still feel great. Study for excellence. Don’t settle for a B, if you can get an A. Work your ass out to be the 1st grade analyst or whatever, and an example to the rest. You will get the salary, and the bonus, and all the perks coming with it. Exercise regularly, at least 4 times a week. It is absolutely necessary that you exercise different things. Go to the gym, go dancing, go running. Never the same thing. If you can climb a mountain, or dive into the sea in the mean time, that would score you extra points. Read. At least 2 books a week. Be sure to have an opinion about them. Watch movies. Know the latest releases but be aware of the all-time classics. Read the news. Know for sure what the fuck does a government shutdown mean, are we bombing Syria or not, and what the current status of the protests in your home country is. In the mean time, clean your flat and look as fabulously as possible. Now repeat every single day. Be sure you don’t have time for your family and your friends. I mean, you are way too busy to respond, because you have so much going on in your life that is much more important.

I have been thinking a lot about what I just wrote above. It has been torturing me for weeks, taking away vital hours of sleep, because I kept trying to find an answer to that question and I simply couldn’t. Who or what made us like that? Who or what planted that idea in our mind that in order to amount to something, in order to be interesting and valuable human beings, we have ALWAYS to do something. Who said it is more important to do that project, to go to the gym, to write that article, to watch that movie, than to talk to your family and friends? Who insisted procrastination was a sin? Whoever it was, he deserves to burn in hell. But he has succeeded.

Contemporary society is all about action. Always busy, always running out of time, always stressing for this or that deadline. Contemporary society has simply forgotten the pleasure of sitting for hours on your balcony, looking at the people passing by on the street and inventing stories about their lives. Trying to guess what their profession is, where they are going, who is waiting them at home. I can spent hours doing that. Or going to the park for the joy of walking around randomly. The satisfaction of sitting on the wet grass and simply taking the nature all in. Or the pleasure it gives you to just escape from the routine and the responsibilities and go around town with your parents. Even though you are supposed to do a hell of lot of stuff the next day.

Contemporary society has forced us to think that keeping in touch is difficult. “I am terrible at keeping in touch. I am so busy” is the perfect excuse. First, you justify yourself by a flaw of character. “I cannot do anything about it. I am terrible at keeping in touch. That is my character” is what you seem to be saying and you feel that must be enough. Yeah, some people are also drunks, addicts, anorexic, nervous, fat, yelling all the time, shy, socially awkward, lazy, disorganised, i-am-running-out-of-adjectives-here, but this doesn’t mean they need to stay the same all of their lives. You can change anything about yourself as long as you want to. So I discard this excuse as not only unsatisfactory, but completely pretentious.

“I am so busy”. This is definitely the better one. It shows your life is very interesting and rapid, you are doing all of the things mentioned in paragraph 1, and you simply don’t have time for non-value adding activities as keeping in touch. “I am so busy” gives a certain flavour to your routine – makes average people think you are that very ambitious and determined person, who has his priorities straight. You might, I don’t dispute that. And it might be absolutely great for you, but I can’t help but think there is more to that.

I used to be all of the people above and even more. I believed that keeping on track with studying, career, exercising, movies, news, books, etc was all there it is to life. But lately I am changing, unconsciously of course. I find much more pleasure in talking to people, in getting to know their lives, in keeping in touch and being there. And I am finding it very difficult to understand that some people are not on my state of mind. The selfish gene is prevailing. It is all about the “I” now and less about the “you”. The “you” will get the attention after I take care of the “I”. I read in a book that the moment you realise people are selfish and the moment you do not expect anything from them, that is the moment you are ready to accept and love humanity. And I completely agree. My point is, though, contemporary society has taken this selfishness to an extreme level and has forgotten that all you do today, all you surround yourself with, all of the projects, the work, the activities, won’t be there for you, when you need someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, or a person to drink that last glass of wine with.

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